Government General Degree College, Chapra

Affiliated to the University of Kalyani

Department of Political Science

The Department of Political Science is committed to the vision of academic excellence and the maintenance of an environment where " the mind is led forward into ever widening thought and action". The Faculty members of the department are actively engaged in research and publications and they are regular invitees to and participants at seminars and conferences , both national and international. While nurturing the young minds , the department seeks to elevate standards of learning.

In keeping with the UGC guidelines and the directives received from the University of Kalyani , the Department has offered a new syllabus prescribed by the University of Kalyani, under the Choice Based Credit System or, CBCS from 2018. This offers students a greater measure of choice and scope to concentrate on and pursue areas that interest them. The course provides a comprehensive programme of instruction in the fundamental areas of the discipline such as Political Thought and Theories , Various Theories and Issues of International Relations, Political Sociology, Public Administration, Indian Politics and the Constitution, Understanding different approaches to political analysis, political institutions and process etc.

Our Objectives:


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Rudra Sekhar Basu

Qualification: M.A, M.PHIL, PH.D (PURSUING)
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Sudip Mandal

Qualification: M.A, PH.D
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Krishna Gopal Mohanto

Qualification: M.A, PH.D
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