Department of Sociology

The department of Sociology started since the inception of the college in 2015 with faculty strength of two, Ms Priyam Sarkar and Ms Kajal Pradhan. Teaching of sociology thus started since the college was first established. The department was later joined by Ms Priyanka Pradhan in the year 2019. At present the department provides instructions in undergraduate courses. The department offers BA undergraduate courses in both Honours and General Programme and is interested in developing knowledge in the sphere of sociological inquiry with an emphasis on practical field based knowledge.

Studying society and people’s relationship with the society is gaining increasing importance in today’s rapidly changing world. We can understand social order and social change better by exploring the nature, causes and effects of people’s behaviour. Sociology empowers its students by giving them powerful insights into the social processes that shape human lives and experiences.

The students here are often first generation learners who come from marginalised groups, economically challenged families and rural areas. Faculty members possess expertise in various areas of sociological inquiry; Sociology of Religion, environment, organisation, gender, family and kinship. Student undertake various fieldwork projects under the supervision of the faculty in order to gain a better understanding of sociological processes in real life settings. Our department aims:

  • To help the students to develop the capacity to analyse, interpret social situations and find solutions to social issues and problems.
  • To encourage students to acquire critical thinking.
  • To help the learners to evaluate and approach problems from multiple perspectives.
  • To make students engaged in more research oriented activities.
  • To help the students get acquainted with the methodology to study social phenomena


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