Government General Degree College, Chapra

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National Service Scheme (NSS)

National Service Scheme is one of the important policies by Ministry of Youth and Sports Affair, Govt. of India. The Scheme, originally launched during Mahatma Gandhi Century year in 1969, is aimed at in developing student’s personality and educational attainment through community service. Youth are the biggest force of a nation. By creative thoughts, they lead us to future. The motto of NSS is selfless service to the distressed people of society. By immense energy they make the impossible happen. In order to unite the youth and lead them towards a healthy and broad-minded lifestyle.

Government General Degree College, Chapra is a proud owner of an active and large NSS unit. Each year we are being enriched by new members. NSS regularly performs their regular and special activities and submits the report to the authority. In the Special Camps, volunteers pick up a backward place as adopted village and try to reform it with cordial efforts. They also arrange Blood Donation Camp and Thalassemia Awareness Camp.The unit organizes Tree Plantation Programme, cleaning roads and locality, distribution of pens, pencils, exercise books among the children of the Adopted village of Shikra. Apart from the above mentioned projects, it is worth mentioning that the NSS Unit arranged seminar and awareness drive regarding AIDS, Disaster Management, how to survive from Snake-bite, Life-saving Skills etc. NSS provide all kind of motivation and field for the students to strengthen their mental and physical ability. Even we love to adore their courage and sense of self-confidence so much that we send them to adventurous activities. This definitely shows that we are making a difference.

Safe Drive Save Life

Safe Drive, Save Life : The Govt. of West Bengal recognizes the grim situation of the Road Accident in the State. The Honourable Chief Minister has taken up this matter and initiated a campaign across the state named as “Safe Drive, Save Life” to curb road accidents and fatalities. On 17/03/2018 the NSS unit took initiative to organize a programme on “Safe Drive, Save Life” at Chapra-Ranabandhghat Road to aware the people about “Safe Drive, Save Life”. The volunteers said the bikers about the necessities of wearing helmet and requested them to wear helmet while driving. Total 36 (male 25, female 11) volunteers participated in the particular progamme.

Special Camp

Special Camp : The NSS unit of our college organized a Special Camp from 05/03/2018 to 11/03/2018. Total 50 volunteers participated in the special camp. Teachers delivered lectures on many different issues on different days. There had a competitive quiz programme among the volunteers. The unit distributed pens, pencils, pencil boxes, exercise books among the students of Shikra Primary School.

Swachachata Pakhwada

Swachchata Pakhwada : Swachchata Pakhwada started in April 2016 with the objective of bringing a fortnight of intense focus on the issues and practices of Swachchata by engaging GOI Ministries / Departments in their jurisdictions. Our college too observed this programme from 01/09/2017 to 15/09/2017 in which 65 volunteers (40 male, 25 female) participated to clean the college premises and nearby Shikra village.

Dengue and Chikunguna

Dengue and Chikungunya : Dengue is a mosquito-borne viral disease that has rapidly spread in all regions of WHO in recent years. It has become a regular picture that in every year many people of our country are killed due to Dengue and Chikungunya. Our college organized a one day programme on 11/09/2017. At the beginning of the programme our OIC Sri Sudipta Das delivered some words on the awareness about Cleanliness in our daily life and advised the students about how to keep safe from various virus-borne diseases. Sri Anindya Chakraborty, Assistant Professor of Mathematics, delivered a informative lecture on Dengue. In this programme some leaflets on the prevention of Dengue were distributed among the students by Chapra Block Health Department. Total 65 students (45 male, 20 female) were present in this programme..

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