Government General Degree College, Chapra

Affiliated to the University of Kalyani

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Department of English

About Department:

The Department of English has been one of the major departments since the inception of the College. Our department offers B.A.(Hons.) & General (Programme) Courses that focus on literature, creative writing, teaching, and technical writing. B.A(Hons.) & General (Programme)Courses in English offer a diverse curriculum modeled after the UGC CBCS syllabus. The courses cover subjects like Indian writing in English, British poetry and drama: 14th to 17th centuries, British Poetry and Drama: 17th And 18th Centuries, Indian Classical Literature, British Literature: 18th Century, British Romantic Literature, Popular Literature, Modern European Drama, American Literature, Women’s Writing, Postcolonial Literatures, Literatures of The Indian Diaspora, British Literature: Post World War II, Literary Theory, Science Fiction and Detective Literature, Literature and Cinema, World Literatures, Travel Writing, Autobiography, Language Teaching and Creative Writing.The course content is evenly distributed over Six semesters with focus on the research aptitude as well as the future employability of the students. Besides running regular courses in relation to English Language and Literature, the Department also encourages on the aspects of Film Studies, Popular Literature, Digital Humanities etc.

The Department of English aims at developing the reading and writing skills, the interpretive ability, and the cultural awareness of its students by maintaining and enhancing a tradition of strong teaching, good scholarship, and vigorous support of creative literary activity.We intend to familiarize our students with the masters of World literature regularly to point out how their works have shaped the literary arena globally giving a clear indication of the political, historical, & cultural development of the society. The faculty of English is highly skilled in motivating and inspiring language students. Using tried and tested methods, our faculty helps the students to achieve their potential during the course.The faculty members and the students are committed to realising the objectives and mission of the College through its various academic and extension activities.

Our College has a well-equipped Language Lab with multi-media audio-visual systems and computers. In addition there is a library which stocks relevant books on literature and language.

The Department organizes curricular and extra-curricular activities for the students, including Quiz Contests, Seminars, Group Discussions etc.The faculty of the Department is actively engaged in research pursuits and each member has authored several books/book chapters/research papers. The Faculty includes young teachers who travel extensively for academic purposes. At the same time, they are involved in the various administrative works and contribute towards the running of the home institution.

Students are also encouraged to take training and practice in the presentation of prepared academic talks. The focus is not only on fluency but also on clear as well as effective communication. The courses also help students to participate actively and effectively in group meetings, academic discussions, seminars, conferences etc.

Our Objectives:

To provide quality teaching in English Language and literature with a multidisciplinary approach .

To adopt latest methodology available for teaching and research in English.

To explore new areas of research in English Language and Literature and guide the students likewise.

To link the programmes of the department to the needs of local students and the society at large strengthening the values of democracy, secularism and justice .

The department aims at reaching out to people in empowering them to achieve their life-objectives.

To organise extension lectures, seminars, conferences, symposia, workshops etc.

To enhance sharing of experience and knowledge with leading scholars of the Subject and participate in similar programmes organised by other agencies.

To improve the student’s fluency and accuracy in English as much as possible during the period of instruction.

To develop the student’s ability to hone their existing skills by using effective communication strategies throughout the instruction.

To prepare students to become more confident and active participants in all aspects of their undergraduate programs both inside and outside of the classroom.

The students are expected to :

  • Have a thorough grounding in English Language and Literature.
  • Have skills like editing, translation, presentations ,communication etc.
  • Be prepared for competitive exams.
  • Be prepared to undertake rudimentary research for Masters course.
  • Be employable for diverse industries.

Program Outcomes & Course Outcomes:

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1 Po Co English Download


Sl.No. Type Download
1 English Honours Download
2 English Programme Download
3 English LCC Download

Question Paper

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Learning Materials

Sl.No. Date Title Download
123 Jan 2023William Blake: Songs of Innocence and Experience (1794)Download
223 Jan 2023Tragic HeroDownload
323 Jan 2023The Political Background of Free RadioDownload
423 Jan 2023The IliadDownload
523 Jan 2023The Free RadioDownload
623 Jan 2023The Book of the Assembly HallDownload
723 Jan 2023Notes on Power Adrienne RichDownload
823 Jan 2023Mrichchhakatika QuestionsDownload
923 Jan 2023Harold Bloom - Tennessee Williams The Glass Menagerie (Bloom Guides) (2006)Download
1023 Jan 2023Greek Tragedy (Basic Concepts)Download
1123 Jan 2023An Elementary Idea about MrichchakatikaDownload
1223 Jan 2023An Analysis of Toru DuttDownload


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